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RTCS pre-defined parameter (PCB,Pool,socket)

Question asked by Dawei You Employee on Aug 3, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2014 by Dawei You

Hi all:


We could find some pre-defined parameter for RTCS applications, like below:


   /* runtime RTCS configuration for devices with small RAM, for others the default BSP setting is used */

   _RTCSPCB_init = 4;

   _RTCSPCB_grow = 2;

   _RTCSPCB_max = 20;

   _RTCS_msgpool_init = 4;

   _RTCS_msgpool_grow = 2;

   _RTCS_msgpool_max  = 20;

   _RTCS_socket_part_init = 4;

   _RTCS_socket_part_grow = 2;

   _RTCS_socket_part_max  = 20;



user could modify the default value, I want to know,

(1)How these values work? since Max value is defined and allocated, why not set the init value same with Max value?

(2)how to decide these value for one specified application? for example, I open one FTP, one SNMP, maybe one HTTPs application together, how to calculate the right value?

(3)when the value is not renough, how to check? I see  some task crashed in MQX spy tool. but no guide to use this tool.