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problem in port the mag3110 driver to linux source code for imx53

Question asked by ehsan rezaie on Aug 1, 2014

i'm tring to port mag3110 to imx 53 qsb board by drivers that

presented with this property(downloaded from freescale website):


/******************** (C) COPYRIGHT 2012 Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.


   * File Name            : mag_3110.c
* Authors              : Rick Zhang(


                          Rick is willing to be considered the contact and update points
                          for the driver
* Version              : V.1.0.0
* Date                 : 2012/Mar/15
* Description          : methods and data structure related to MAG3110
magnetometer sensor.


* Revision 1.0.0 3/15/2012 First Release;



and i try to port with readme sequence and using ltib(install from freescaleL2.6.35_11_09_ER_SOURCE package)   .


but in step 5 of readme sequence(Configure and compile the driver)i have problem in complie ):





drivers/hwmon/mag3110/mag_core.c:44:31: error: linux/fsl_sensors.h: No
such file or directory
In file included from drivers/hwmon/mag3110/mag_core.c:46:
drivers/hwmon/mag3110/mag_regs.h:33:28: error: linux/wakelock.h: No
such file or directory


so , how i can solve this problem?  .

i attached read me file & complete compile error report

i cant find header files like wakelock.h on the internet.





please help me to solve it


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