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MQX 4.1 FTP server not working

Discussion created by Nathan Kohler on Aug 3, 2014
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I am using a 52259 with MQX 4.1.  I have a USB stick connected and mounted to MFS/Partition manager at "a:".  I am able to read/write files to this, so I know it is mounted properly.  I am using the following code to initialize the FTP server:



FTPSRV_PARAM_STRUCT  params = {0};

unsigned int old_handle = ftpsrv_handle; |= AF_INET;

params.auth_table = (FTPSRV_AUTH_STRUCT*) ftpsrv_users;

params.root_dir = "a:";


ftpsrv_handle = FTPSRV_init(&params);

if (ftpsrv_handle != 0)


printf("FTP Server Started. Root directory is set to \"%s\", login: \"%s\", password: \"%s\".\n",







I then try to connect with FileZilla, and here is what I get:


Status: Connecting to

Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message...

Response: 220 RTCS FTPSRV Ready

Command: USER developer

Response: 331 User name okay, need password.

Command: PASS *********

Response: 230 Password ok, User logged in.

Status: Connected

Status: Retrieving directory listing...

Command: PWD

Response: 257 "\" is the current directory

Command: TYPE I

Response: 200 Type Binary.

Command: PASV

Response: 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,2,100,19,136).

Command: LIST

Response: 150 Opening data connection.

Response: 451 Requested action aborted. Local error in processing

Error: Failed to retrieve directory listing



I am connecting using default FileZilla settings.  Any ideas?  If I change my FTP server param to use c:, and leave my usb stick at a:, I get:


Response: 550 Requested action not taken. File unavailable.


as a response to the list command, instead of response 150/451 above.  This tells me that a: is a valid directory in the initial case, whereas I know c: was invalid.