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S12XE-S12XS-S08SG - priority in microcontrroller

Discussion created by siva nadaraja on Sep 7, 2007
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hallo all

i am a student doing internship and i have a basic question. The question is regarding the microcontroller Freescale S12XEG128CAL, Freescale S12XS128CAL and Freescale HCS08SG32CTL.

my question is:
what happens when lets say the microcontroller wants to send a low priority message through CAN-Bus. The CAN-Bus is busy and the message has to wait.Meanwhile the microcontroller needs to send a second high priority message through the same CAN-Bus too. Does the high priority message have to wait till the low priority message is sent first or does the microcontroller priortise internally and sends the high priority message first.

I would be grateful for any reply and when possible, can you also state where this function is stated or described in the documentation for this micocontroller.thank you.

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