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Detecting Rising & Fallin Edge Interrupts(KBI) on MC68HC908QB8....

Discussion created by san jib on Sep 7, 2007
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In My application I am using 3 KBI for Hardware interrupts. But i need to detect both edges o the signal.
So my concept is:
1. Set up KBI for Fallin EDGE.
2. detect the KBI interrupt. And Change the interrupt edge Detectin Polarity of Interrupt Last Registered. Using KBIPR(Interrupt Polarity Setting Register as mentioned in the Datasheet.)

MY problems
A. When i implement the above in Codewarrior 3.1. In the header File, KBIPR is not defined. I defined it myself. but it does not seem to work.

B. If i use Processor Expert, there Only Falling Edge and Low level interrupt type can be defined And if i choose rising edge, it gives an error.

So i need Suggestion/Idea on this Subject.
a). Is it a viable idea to change the setting of the Register in the middle of running aplpication? is it recommended?
b). Does QB8 Support positive EDGE/ LEVEL interrupt on KBI pin.? (Datasheet Says YES, but PE does not).
c). Is there any other method to detct both edges using this 8-bit MCU?

Any Suggestions will be Appreciated.

Thanks in Advance For your Reply