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Using iMX6 USB OTG port as client and interface to PC in CDC mode

Question asked by Paul Schoenke on Jul 30, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by Darius Rykowski



I am looking to use the i.MX6 USB OTG port as a client (device mode) and interface to a PC running Windows 7.  I am looking for a CDC driver on the PC/host side and a (Yocto) Linux driver on the i.MX6 side. Ideally the solution would have a driver pair that would work together.  I'm looking to exchange data through this connection at high speed, maximum bandwidth if possible, large packets.  The embedded Linux application would include the Real-Time patch.


I've seen examples of using this port to connect to a PC in HID mode, but that's not sufficient for what I hope to accomplish. 


In our embedded application, we would like the iMX6 USB OTG port to be recognized by a Windows PC as a network device so a PC application can open a TCP/IP connection via USB.


·         Does Freescale provide any client drivers to configure the USB OTG port as Communications Device Class (CDC)?  If so, does Freescale have/recommend any matching low level drivers for the PC?

·         Do you know of any vendors that support iMX6 USB OTG port as a communication device and the corresponding Windows PC driver?


Any feedback or input is welcomed and appreciated!