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iMX6 USB OC functionality

Question asked by Martin Christiansen on Jul 30, 2014
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I have been looking for information about the OC (Over Current) and USB Power Enable functionality in the iMX6.


I have a USB Host interface, with a external USB power switch with an "over current" output which is active low and a Enable input which is active low.

The Freescale evaluation board, (Smart Device Platform) have a similar device, but with OC output active low and USB Power EN active high.


So, can I change the USB_H1_PWR_EN signal to support the active low input of my USB power switch?

Can someone explain how thiese signals (USB_H1_PWR_EN, USB_H1_OC) function in the device.

(I have looked through Freescale documentation...)


PS. I would like to keep the USB power switch that I currently use. I know it is possible to get a version with active high EN input.


Best Regards,

Martin C.