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Graphic accelerated browsing on IMX6 using QWebkit

Question asked by Christian Eissler on Jul 29, 2014

Hi Communitiy,

I tried to build an graphic accelerated browser on a Wayland rootfs based on the Yocto (daisy) release.

I currently have a working rootfs with Wayland(weston compositor), Qt, Qtwayland plugin and Qwebkit integrated. I created a small QwebView browser which is working successfully with HTML5 and Javascript content but doesn't using hardware acceleration.

It is possible to create OpenGL application with QML and the wayland-egl plugin and also QWidget based applications so that it is sure that OpenGL support is available for Wayland.

Using a QGraphicsWebView or a accelerated QML WebView doesn't work.


Does anyone have expieriences using hardware accelerated browsing with th IMX6 using QWebkit? I'm using the Nitrogen6x board from BoundaryDevices


Regards Christian Eissler