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IMX53 ECSPI sending  multiple bursts even though single burst is configured

Question asked by Rambabu Pillalamarri on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by Bio_TICFSL



We are using a IMX53 QSB based custom board with WIN CE OS.


We have observed that even though our ECSPI driver configuration is SINGLE BURST, SPI controller is sending multiple burst till TXFIFO is empty.


Our configuration is as follows.


BURST LENGHT = 7 bits ( so 1 byte is my burst length)

DRCTL = 0 i.e. SPI_RDY is a don't care.

SMC = 0


SSBCTL all 4 bits are 0. i.e. in MASTER MODE only ONE SPI BURST will be transferred.


Load TXFIO with multiple bytes and on XCH bit SET, we observed all the bytes in TXFIFO are being transferred in MULTIPLE BURSTS, even though it is expected to transfer only SINGLE BURST for a single XCH bit set.


If we make TXFIFO have only one byte at a time, then as expected only one burst is exchanged as TXFIFO will become empty after 1 byte exchange, 


Please let us know if any body faced this issue.

We need to know whether is this a problem from IXM53 controller or any configuration mismatch.