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imx6q RGMII AR8031 G-Ethernet Test is not working

Question asked by fe la on Jul 28, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by igorpadykov

Hello, Freescale


My software codes are based on imx6_platform_sdk_v1.1.0, hardware board is the Sabre SD.

I am running the RGMII AR8031 G-Ethernet Test, but it noe working. see the test log.


Can you help me check the result or rootcause?



The test log:


---- Running < RGMII AR8031 G-Ethernet Test >

  Would you like to run the Ethernet loopback test?

    (Please note that in order to run the test, you need to

     first plug in a loopback cable to the Ethernet port.)

  Please enter y or Y to confirm.


ENET AR8031 PHY: ID=4dd070

enet phy status 1: 7949

AR8031 reg 0x11 = 0010

ENET 1: [ HALF_DUPLEX ] [ disconnected ] [ 10M bps ]:

  ENET link status check failed.



  RGMII AR8031 G-Ethernet Test FAILED.