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Qt multi thread opengl demo run failed after break and restart in weston 1.5

Question asked by xiongweihuang on Jul 28, 2014

Hello all


I follow the FSL Ycoto  project patched on weston 1.5 and make a runable Qt 5.3.1 + weston 1.5 enviroment


And on my test


After run weston with


# export FB_MULTI_BUFFER=2


# weston --tty=1 --use-gl=0 --use-gal2d=1 --idle-time=65536


And run


# ./hellowindow -platform wayland-egl ( This create 3 windows as default )


ctrl +c stop it and repeat the same command , seems weston get blocked ,and no error output . no black screen .




This error not occur when I test with


# ./hellowindow --single -platform wayland-egl, (This create one windows)


So , if you can reproduce it , can you fix with the weston patch ? or driver problem ?