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CAN - USB for MCF51JM128 AN3690 question

Question asked by carl hua on Jul 25, 2014
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I am writing a CAN - USB bridge and it seems that AN3690 has taken care of it already. I have several newbie questions and hope they can be answered. I am new to the whole CodeWarrior environment.


1. AN3690 uses CW 5.9, can this be ported to 10.6? I would like to do this but I want to know if there is anything I need to watch out for.

1. AN3690 uses DEMOJM to test, I have EVB51JM128, can I still test it if I connect to the CAN pins and have everything else set up? Again, I am relatively new so I am sorry if the question seems dumb.

3. How come the drivers for AN3690 is radically different from USB Stack 4.1.1? I would assume we would use the same drivers? If I were to write an industrial firmware, which driver should I use? I only need it so that it can do bi-directional transfer USB <--> CAN

4. Consider that I have everything working on the EVAL board, is it safe to assume my program will work exactly the same on MCF51JM128? anything to be careful with?


Thank you for your time