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Debugging two prallel camera operation on custom board based on SabreSD Imx6q evaluation

Question asked by Makis Livadas on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by Makis Livadas

I have a custom build board based on imx6q SabreSD evaluation kit where I connected two parallel cameras ov5640. The cameras are connected to IPU1 and IPU2. The IPU1 CSI1 connection is same as SabreSD setup and works, however the IPU2 CSI2 connection is not working correctly. I done all the mods to the driver to allow two parallel cameras to work. I can talk to the camera and the driver finds the camera. The camera can be programmed too, and all the clock signals generated by the camera are working same as the camera that is working. However, when I display the camera the output does not look synced, but seems to be data coming from the camera. I am looking from some tips on to how to debug my setup.