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T4240 DDR Validation Tool

Question asked by Danny Gale on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by Danny Gale

We have a custom board built around a T4240 and are having some trouble getting the DDR up to speed. A handful of questions regarding the T4240's DDR and the QorIQ configuration suite DDR validation tool:


  1. Does the QorIQ DDR validation tool support the T4240? The T4240 isn't listed on the product page as a supported product, but the QorIQ configuration suite doesn't seem to be complaining.
  2. The "Centering the clock" test matrix doesn't include all values of CLK_ADJ -- it only includes three. See the attached screenshot. Why is this? How can we get it to include all valid values of CLK_ADJ?
  3. You can also see from the attached screenshot that it's not running the whole test matrix -- why not? How can we get it to run the whole test matrix?