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IMX53 Manufacturer Tools Windows 8

Question asked by Mark Roy on Jul 24, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by Matthew Starr



I just wanted to see if anybody was able to get the Manufacturers tools to work with Windows 8?

I've got the FreeScale IMX53 Bulk I/O driver installed and working in Windows 8 (by working I mean I can see the device correctly listed in the Device Manager), but when I launch the Mfgtools app (version it will not start.  I end up having to kill the process in Task Manager.


If I start the Mfgtools without connecting the IMX53, then the program launches.  When I go to Options -> Configuration and select the USB Ports tab, the program immediately crashes and Windows kills the program.   Likewise, if I start Mfgtools and then connect the IMX53 the program either crashes or does not identify the newly plugged in device.


I read somewhere that there may be a problem with MFGTools and USB3 ports, so I went into the bios and disabled USB3 support for my ports, but this does not seem to fix the problem.

Please advise on how I can use the Mfgtools in Windows 8.    If it does not work I will have to go dig out a WinXP computer where it works correctly, but this is less than convenient especially since WinXP is no longer supported by Microsoft so most of our machines have been replaced with newer Windows 7 or 8 machines.



Mark Roy