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Testing DDR in a evaluation board using Codewarrior

Question asked by Jesus Gonzalez on Jul 24, 2014
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We need to prepare a set of test to validate the design of MPC8306 CPU based board. One of these test is the checking of DDR. Until we are able to test in the final board we are using a MPC8306KIT evaluation board with the next DDR memory map:

Range Start: 0x0000_0000

Range End:  0x07ff_ffff

Size: 128M.


The information above is extracted from the "BSP targeting the Freescale MPC830xSOM Board User's Guide" document.


A task has been created in order to perform this test. A snapshot with its parameters follows:



Use target CPU is marked as we have read in documentation this option is quite faster than if host PC using CodeWarrior has to execute it.



As requirement we need to check whole 128MB DDR memory so theoretically in the field "Test Area Size: 0x" a value "07FFFFFF" should be placed. If we do so without marking the "Use Target CPU" the test took more than 24 hours and the operation didn't finish, so we decided to cancel it (we don't know if something was happened but we don't get any feedback and it looks like 24 hours were too much). So we decided to take a different approach.


We realized that it was necessary to make the test in, almost, two different tests. First one, without "Use Target CPU" marked to test the part of memory where "Use Target CPU" algorithm will be placed and a second one to test the rest of the memory marking the "Use Target CPU" option as we have the hope this test won't take 24 hours. But if we do so, Codewarrior displays the following error:



We have found that values over "038FFFFF" produces an error of the type above.


Anyone has the same problem? What are we doing wrong? Do you know a better method to test the DDR using Codewarrior?


Any help will be really apreciated.