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i.MX6Q Sabre-SD Board, problem with loading Marvell 8787 FW

Question asked by Qiuye Wang on Jul 24, 2014

Hello Community,


I am trying to integrate Marvell's 8787 SDIO wifi module on the i.MX6Q Sabre-SD Board. By inserting the sd8xxx.ko, it always ends with a firmware download error.


After system goes up, I can see "mmc1: new high speed SDIO card at address 0001" in dmesg. Then I try to insert the corresponding driver module like mlan.ko, cfg80211.ko and sd8xxx.ko.


According to Marvell, before the FW gets downloaded, a register CARD_TO_HOST_EVENT_REG (0x30) would be checked by driver and only when bit[3] and bit[0] are 1, FW download can be started.

You can see line 405 in the attachment that this 0x30 register is 0xc which means bit[0] Dwnld_Card_Rdy is 0. So FW download/init faild.


Am I missing some patches for the SDIO bus? Is there a way to debug this issue? Any suggestion is much appreciated.


Attached the dmesg by loading the driver.




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