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S12XDT512 - Debug Illegal Address Reset and Flash Problem

Discussion created by Matthias Riederer on Sep 6, 2007
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I'm running a function for erase, reading data from serial interface and flashing them in RAM. (typical bootloader application)
I erase the first three flash blocks (Device is a 9S12XDT512) and from the last block only the needed sectors. (works fine)
I can also read the data from the serial interface and write it to one of the first three blocks, but when i try to write them to the last block. I get an Illegal Address Reset and don't know why.
I have all Interrupts and the Watchdog disabled.
I use global addressing to access the Flash memory.
Are there some useful tricks find out why this resets occur?
Besides the last block where the problems occur is also the block with the reset vector table and the unpaged flash is mapped to.

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