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Sensor Toolbox reporting Proton 'End of Lifed' when connected to any of the accel in the RDMMA845X kit

Question asked by Tom Daugherty on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by Tom Daugherty

I've just recently purchased the RDMMA845X Sensor Toolbox kit to evaluate the MMA8451Q accelerometer. After connecting the LFSTBUSB with the 8451Q to my laptop over USB, Sensor Toolbox reports that it found a Proton and that 'This device has been End of Lifed. Please check out the MMA8451Q on'. On the small Sensor Toolbox splash screen below the pop-up error, it says 'Communication Active with ID HW:3001 SW:ffff BL:4002 at COM14     Rev.:'. Any suggestions?


This error occurs regardless of whether I turn on the LFSTBUSB before or after the Sensor Toobox app is started, and with all three accelerometers.