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UART Rx with DMA

Question asked by Makoto Katsukura on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 29, 2014 by Stefan Agner

Dear Timesys support,



I'm currently working with Vybrid and using Timesys Linux.

I want to use UART with DMA both TX and RX.

However, now, at Timesys Linux, UART Tx is using DMA but Rx is not using DMA.

So, can we use DMA for UART Rx? 

I've checked Linux UART driver for i.MX6, original code for Vybrid UART driver,

and at that code, both UART Tx and Rx used DMA.

I'm curious why UART Rx was changed not to use DMA during porting to Vybrid.


And if I order professional service to Timesys, can you produce the UART driver that both Tx and RX are using DMA?

Thank you,

Makoto Katsukura