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Include compile errors, CW ver 5.1

Question asked by J Singh on Jul 23, 2014
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I am fairly new to CW Dev suite (V5.1) for HSC12.



I have an include statement in the assembly file I am using, (main.asm). The statement is

#include      reg9s12.h     ; include register equates


I cannot get this to compile. Other variations also don't compile, (i.e. without the #, or with the file name in "" and with/or without file file path) and I get errors related to this line in the asm file.

If I comment this line out, I get compile errors for code further down the file, as that part of the core requires constants, declared in the above include file. 


Please note that I am using a stationary for C projects, with 'main.c' file as the top file.



The above reg9s12.h starts with

;*  HC12 I/O Register locations (MC9S12DP256B)

and ends with

;* end registers


For the first line, the compiler gives C1018 error, (illegal type composition)



Lastly could someone explain the diff between include statements with file name in <f_name> or in "f_name" ?


Thank you!