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Workaround for ADC errata e3863 ?

Question asked by Mike Luetzner on Jul 23, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 5, 2014 by Kerry Zhou

Dear forum members,


i use a K60 ADC in 16bit differential mode with VREFH = 3,3V and VREFL = 0V.  The DM-Input is connected to 1,65V (fix voltage) and the DP-Input to our Signal which goes from 0 to 3,3V.


Errata e3863 says: "DP-Input must be <3,1968V to avoid conversion errors".

So i think i have a problem with the input signal range.


Is exchanging DM and DP a possible workaround ? (then DP is fix 1,65V and DM goes from 0V up to 3,3V)


"e3863: ADC: In 16-bit differential mode, ADC may result in a conversion error when positive input is near upper rail reference voltage Errata"

"Workaround: To avoid a conversion error near positive full-scale in this mode, do not allow the input voltage on the plus-side of the differential pair (DPx) to exceed (VREFH*31/32)"