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How to "Exclude from Build" header files

Question asked by Michel Hebert on Jul 22, 2014
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I' ve been trying to use KDS to build a project I had working on CW_IDE 10.6 and straight import to KDS doesn't work without includes missinge from the CW_IDE project. Now, I'm trying to rebuild my project from scratch in the KDS ide but I have some ProcessorExpert files generated that I need to "Exclude from Build" in the resources and supply my own modified version in the Sources folder. In CW I had no trouble managing which files to exclude from the build in the Project Navigator panel now in KDS seems its whole other ball game. Can somebody tell why I cannot "Exclude from Build" header files (.h) but I can with code files (.c)? Or is there a way to exclude the headers like in CodeWarrior?


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