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TPM period (double time)

Question asked by Maxime Dolberg on Jul 22, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by Maxime Dolberg

Hello ,


I'm looking to use TPM0 timer with FRDM-KL25Z in order to create simple delay method but there is something I don't understand.


TPM0 work well after initialization but its period isn't like what I expected. If I test a n second delay, the delay loop will be 2n seconds. Double of time !


Here is a quick configuration for 1ms delay :

  • I loaded 1000 to MOD register.
  • MCGIRCLK is routed to TPM modul and run @4MHz (fast IRC).
  • Prescale /4.  -> input module counter  = 1MHz


If I read KL25Z reference manual. The period of TMP0 in up counting mode is =  (MOD+1)* Period of timer module counter clock = 1001*(1/1MHz) = 1ms. (Am I right ?)

Capture d’écran 2014-07-22 à 18.43.46.png


What going on with TPM0 ?! 


note :

  • I'm using Keil v5 (no PE).
  • GPIO_pin(); is custom method


My code :


#include "MKL25Z4.h"

#include "GPIO.h"



#define PTB_18 0x40000

#define PTB_19 0x80000

#define PTD_01 0x02


int main (void)


  static int i;



  MCG->C2 |= MCG_C2_IRCS_MASK;//Fast internal reference clock (4MHz)




  PORTB->PCR[18] = PORT_PCR_MUX(0x01);//MUX Pin 18 PTB config en GPIO (Alt 1)

  PORTB->PCR[19] = PORT_PCR_MUX(0x01);//MUX Pin 19 PTB config en GPIO (Alt 1)

  PORTD->PCR[1] = PORT_PCR_MUX(0x01);//MUX Pin 1 PTD config en GPIO (Alt 1)


  GPIO_config(_PTB,(PTB_18|PTB_19),OUT);//Config direction Port B pin 18,19 output

  GPIO_config(_PTD,PTD_01,OUT);//Config direction Port D pin 1 output


  GPIO_pin(_PTB,(PTB_18|PTB_19),_PDOR);//Init port B (LED R,V OFF)

  GPIO_pin(_PTD,PTD_01,_PDOR);//init port D (LED B OFF)


  //OSC INT = 4MHz

  //TPM0 init

  SIM->SCGC6 |= SIM_SCGC6_TPM0_MASK;//TPM0 clock activé 

  SIM->SOPT2 |= SIM_SOPT2_TPMSRC(0x03);//TPM clock source -> MCGIRCLK = 4MHz

  TPM0->SC = TPM_SC_CMOD(0x00);//LPTPM desactivé

  TPM0->SC |= TPM_SC_PS(0x01);//Prescaler /4 => 4MHz/4 = 1MHz => T = 1µs

  //TPM0->SC &= !TPM_SC_CPWMS_MASK;//Compte de zéro à MOD reg

  TPM0->MOD = TPM_MOD_MOD(10);//1000*1µs = 1ms

  TPM0->SC |= TPM_SC_TOF_MASK;//Reset TOF bit 

  TPM0->SC |= TPM_SC_CMOD(0x01);//LPTPM activé compteur interne





  GPIO_pin(_PTD,1,_PCOR);//Set blue LED

  while((TPM0->SC & TPM_SC_TOF_MASK)!=TPM_SC_TOF_MASK);//Poll TOF bit

  TPM0->SC |= TPM_SC_TOF_MASK;//clear TOF


GPIO_pin(_PTD,1,_PSOR);//clear bleu LED


  while((TPM0->SC & TPM_SC_TOF_MASK)!=TPM_SC_TOF_MASK);//Poll TOF bit

  TPM0->SC |= TPM_SC_TOF_MASK;//clear TOF