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Long filename bug in MFS

Question asked by Matthew Kendall on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2015 by Radek Sestak

MFS provides an ioctl function for getting the long filename of a file. There are several problems:


1. The documentation (MQXMFSUG 2.6 section describes IO_IOCTL_GET_LFN and says "The third parameter is the char_ptr to the path name of the of file which we want

the long filename of". This is not true. The third parameter is not a pointer to char, it is a pointer to a struct of type MFS_GET_LFN_STRUCT. The function prototype and example code are correct, but the text description is wrong.


2. MFS_GET_LFN_STRUCT, which you provide to ioctl(IO_IOCTL_GET_LFN) has three fields:


typedef struct mfs_get_lfn_struct {
   char_ptr                PATHNAME;
   char_ptr                LONG_FILENAME;


The intended operation appears to be that you fill in PATHNAME with the short path name, call ioctl(IO_IOCTL_GET_LFN) and it fills in LONG_FILENAME. The third field, SEARCH_DATA_PTR, is unused.


The problem comes when you call ioctl(IO_IOCTL_GET_LFN) and pass it an MFS_GET_LFN_STRUCT that has been created for you by calling ioctl(IO_IOCTL_FIND_NEXT_FILE). This is a fairly obvious workflow and is used for example in _io_mfs_dir_read(). The problem is twofold:


  1. ioctl(IO_IOCTL_FIND_NEXT_FILE) fills in the PATHNAME field not with the path but with just the filename. The path is omitted.
  2. ioctl(IO_IOCTL_GET_LFN) does a brain-dead search for the short filename starting at the root of the filesystem. Since short filenames are not unique across the whole filesystem (only in a given directory) it may or may not find the right file. What you get back may be the long name for the file you wanted, or for a completely different file in a different directory that happens to have the same short name.


You can easily see this issue, for example on a K60 tower using the shell "dir" command in the stock example application. Create files on an SD card with the following directory structure using a PC, put the card in the tower, then use the shell dir command. Look carefully at the long filename for the file in the subdirectory; it's wrong.



This is not the fault of the Shell_dir() command. It is caused by the underlying _io_mfs_dir_read() as described above.