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issue while working on MPR121EVm

Question asked by Ravindhar Reddy on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by Ravindhar Reddy

Hi, I am using KITMPR121EVM kit to evaluate one of our proximity capacitor touch unit. Below is my set up:

I have powered EVM over USB  and connected 6-electrode pad on it it, having MPR121. Sensor tool box detects module and am able to do demo and evaluation of 6 pad electrode.  

Now, I removed MPR 121 and connected I2C lines ( SDA , SCLK, IRQ , VDD and GND ) to my target unit. Here also sensor tool box able to detect my board as 6 pad electrode and am able to enter into eval mode. However, the touch on my board doesn't reflect on display. I confirmed that my unit is working one. 

I have attached two docs for your reference one working with freescale tool kit and one with my unit. below is how I connected lines on

     JP1-> IRQ






Thanks, Ravi