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Where are MPU_EARn/MPU_EDRn (n=5 to 7)

Question asked by Yasuhiko Koumoto on Jul 21, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2014 by Yasuhiko Koumoto

Hi, all.
I have a question about the Kinetis K70 MPU (Memory Protection Unit). Regarding SDRAM, any MPU slave ports are not assigned. I wonder to where the error information would be stored because there are only five registers (i.e. MPU_EAR/MPU_EDR) according to the other device slave ports. Although there are 8 slave port bit fields in MPU_CESR[SPERR], why are not there MPU_EAR5/MPU_EDR5 to MPU_EAR7/MPU_EDR7 in the K70 reference manual?

Yasuhiko Koumoto