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Linking CW10.5 S12 library files with CW5 S12 application projects

Question asked by A Developer on Jul 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2014 by A Developer

we have developed a static library using the S12Z version of CW10. It works well and links with any S12Z project that we develop in CW10.
We also have S12G projects developed in CW5 and must use the same static library with those projects.

However, if we try to link an S12G project in CW5 with the .lib library file created in CW10 then we get the following link error:

"Link Error: L1400: Incompatible processor: Freescale HC12 in previous files and Freescale S12XG in current file MyLibraryFile.lib"

This is odd for 2 reasons:
1) The CW5 App project is not a 'Freescale HC12' file, but an S12 project, so it looks like CW5 is not expressing the correct architecture in it's .o object file.

2) The CW10 library is not a 'Freescale S12XG' file, but a generic S12 library, possibly of type S12Z because that's the only S12 type installed here. So it looks like CW10 is not expressing the correct architecture in it's .lib file.

Has anybody successfully linked a CW10 S12 library file with a CW5 S12 application? If so, how please?

thank you,

A Developer