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K40 PIT Isr issue when debuging

Question asked by Pablo Rodriguez Nava on Jul 20, 2014

Hi guys, im trying to create a simple blink project with CodeWarrior 10.6 and a K40 Tower System, but i have an issue with the PIT Isr.


I had read the Errata Sheet os the Kinetis MCU and i have fixed the problem that the Isr only works once, but now, another problem persists. The problem is that the ISR works (the ISR is triggered) only when I set a breakpoint in the Isr function (called pit_0_isr in my code), but the Isr is never triggered when no breakpoint is set.


I have tried a lot of configurations of the PIT registers (especially configurations related to the Freeze bit of the MCR register), and i'm suspicius that the debug mode is making strange things with the ISR behaviour.


I have attached the blink project and the main file to this post.


Has anyone an idea of what is going wrong?


Thanks in advance.

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