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FLEXlm USB Dongle Program Installation

Question asked by Keith Smith on Jul 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2014 by rickli

I am having difficulty with the USB Dongle installation procedure.


1 - The documentation that comes with the USB dongle is significantly out of date.

     a - The documentation states to download HASP_User_Setup_5[1]

     When one follows the path through the websites [ Warrior Development Tools/Licensing and Registration/Flexm Downloads/USB Dongle Drivers

        one ends up downloading the file FlexId_D.exe, not the zip file mentioned above.

     b - The issue with FlexId_D.exe is that the program is only for Windows XP and before. The installation does run on Windows 7, but nothing is installed.


     c - I would bring to your attention that a similar question was written in Oct. 2012. Nothing was posted that the problem was resolved. USB dongle driver for Windows 7


Is there a better program available for USB dongles used with CodeWarrior?