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CW 10.6 display problem of tructured variable

Question asked by antonio66 on Jul 17, 2014
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The CW10.6 in debug session do not show the structure of the variable:

the variable is declared in main.c like:




the structure "MCSTRUC_FOC_PMSM_T" is composed like:


typedef struct


    GFLIB_CONTROLLER_PI_P_PARAMS_T  sIdPiParams;        /* Id PI controller parameters */

    GFLIB_CONTROLLER_PI_P_PARAMS_T  sIqPiParams;        /* Iq PI controller parameters */

    GDFLIB_FILTER_IIR1_T            sIdZcFilter;        /* D current zero-cancellation filter */

    GDFLIB_FILTER_IIR1_T            sIqZcFilter;        /* Q current zero-cancellation filter */

    GDFLIB_FILTER_IIR1_T            sUDcBusFilter;    /* Dc bus voltage filter */

    MCLIB_3_COOR_SYST_T                sIABC;            /* Measured 3-phase current */

    MCLIB_2_COOR_SYST_ALPHA_BETA_T    sIAlBe;           /* Alpha/Beta current */

    MCLIB_2_COOR_SYST_D_Q_T            sIDQ;             /* DQ current */

    MCLIB_2_COOR_SYST_D_Q_T            sIDQReq;          /* DQ required current */

    MCLIB_2_COOR_SYST_D_Q_T            sIDQReqZc;          /* DQ required current after zero cancellation */

    MCLIB_2_COOR_SYST_D_Q_T            sIDQError;          /* DQ current error */

    MCLIB_3_COOR_SYST_T                sDutyABC;            /* Applied duty cycles ABC */

    MCLIB_2_COOR_SYST_ALPHA_BETA_T    sUAlBeReq;           /* Required Alpha/Beta voltage */

    MCLIB_2_COOR_SYST_ALPHA_BETA_T    sUAlBeComp;         /* Compensated to DC bus Alpha/Beta voltage */

    MCLIB_2_COOR_SYST_D_Q_T            sUDQReq;             /* Required DQ voltage */

    MCLIB_2_COOR_SYST_D_Q_T            sUDQController;     /* Required DQ voltage */

    MCLIB_ANGLE_T                    sAnglePosEl;         /* Electrical position sin/cos (at the moment of PWM current reading) */

    MCLIB_ANGLE_T                    sAnglePosElUpdate;/* Compensated electrical position sin/cos (at the moment of PWM update) */

    MCSTRUC_ALIGNMENT_T                sAlignment;        /* Alignment structure params */

    UWord16                         uw16SectorSVM;        /* SVM sector */

    Frac16                            f16DutyCycleLimit;    /* Max. allowable dutycycle in frac */

    Frac16                            f16UDcBus;            /* DC bus voltage */

    Frac16                            f16UDcBusFilt;        /* Filtered DC bus voltage */

    Int16                             i16IdPiSatFlag;        /* Id PI controller saturation flag */

    Int16                             i16IqPiSatFlag;        /* Iq PI controller saturation flag */

    bool                            bOpenLoop;            /* Current control loop is open */

    bool                            bUseMaxBus;            /* Calculate the max. possible DQ current controllers' output limits based on dc bus voltage */

    bool                            bUseZc;                /* User zero-cancellation filter */



The compiler work right = no errors.

The program work on my board.

BUT the degub program do not show the variale of the structured "gsM2_Drive" like i showed in the following picture:

The same problem happen with this project in Freemaster.

Freemaster do not show me the structure of "gsM2_Drive" !


Somebody can help me ?