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e-ink display does not work with Android on i.MX 508

Question asked by Eduard Borrowitsch on Jul 16, 2014

Hello everybody,


I'm using an i.MX 508 board with a flexible display from Plastic Logic. It works fine with the provided Freescale Linux - but I want to use it with Android. I downloaded the imx-android-r9.4.2 from Freescale website, dd'ed it to an SD card and it works. I access the Android system with Putty over the serial port.

Unfortunately it can't use the flexible display. I get

mxc_epdc_fb mxc_epdc_fb: Unable to enable DISPLAY regulator.err = 0xffffff92

already on boot up. I attached the full log file.

Nevertheless I cross-compiled the Plastic Logic SDK ( for ARM with the Android NDK. The binaries can be executed on the on the system, but the problem with the display remains.

One colleague told me it might be a problem with the Android frame buffer driver, so I went through the Plastic Logic SDK to find a driver module which I can build and modprobe, but the SDK does only create shared libraries.

Do you have any ideas how I can solve the problem or where to look for more information? Any help is appreciated.

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