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VPU Error during WFD

Question asked by Saurabh Patel on Jul 16, 2014
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I am using Android 4.3 for IMX6Q based custom hardware.


I am getting following error while trying to start WFD.


What is a significance of following VPU error?



I/vpu-lib ( 2359): <gpu> alloc handle: 0x41781278, paddr: 0x7365b000, vaddr: 0x472a0000

I/vpu-lib ( 2359): <gpu> alloc handle: 0x41592548, paddr: 0x7632c000, vaddr: 0x49f71000

I/vpu-lib ( 2359): <gpu> alloc handle: 0x41592590, paddr: 0x78c30000, vaddr: 0x4c875000

I/vpu-lib ( 2359): <gpu> alloc handle: 0x41760fc8, paddr: 0x78d83000, vaddr: 0x4c9c8000

I/OMXPlayer( 2359): LEVEL: 1 FUNCTION: VPUCom_Init LINE: 236

I/OMXPlayer( 2359): VPUCom_Init: vpu open failure: ret=0x1


I/OMXPlayer( 2359): LEVEL: 1 FUNCTION: FilterOneBuffer LINE: 2372

I/OMXPlayer( 2359): FilterOneBuffer: vpu init failure: ret=0x1


E/ACodec  ( 2359): [OMX.Freescale.std.video_encoder.avc.hw-based] ERROR(0x8000100b)

E/MediaCodec( 2359): Codec reported an error. (omx error 0x8000100b, internalError -2147483648)