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D  flash  :   erase operation required for every reprogramming of a word?

Question asked by ruby krishna on Jul 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2014 by ruby krishna

Hi All,

Currently i'm using MC9S12xhy controller, where d flash is used instead of external EEprom.


As per my understanding, i will erase the the necessary d-flash sector in my first operation cycle .According to the controller specification i can erase D-FLASH in terms sectors whereas i can write it in word-word basis.


Controller document advice us to keep the wod or phrase in erased state before programming it.


In case i need to re program only one particular word in a sector, then i need take the RAM copy of the d flash sector ,erase the whole sector,update the RAM copy with the new change and then program it.


I'm it necessary to erase for every re-programming?


Please helpe me on this regard!