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SPI hangs when writting in K70

Question asked by PRAMOD K. G. on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by David E Seymour

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                      I am working on a K70F120 with MQX 4.0.1.  I have an spi lcd interfaced to my board and am using spi2 for that. Whenever I  need to update some data I am sending 12K bytes to lcd via spi2. I could able to successfully display the data on LCD. But my issue arises when I am continuously updating lcd with a delay (say 1 sec) and it gets hang. When I pause the debugging i can see that It typically hangs in the files like queue.c  ( in functions like _queue_insert ).  Is this something regarding DMA issue used in spi2 or something different. If so is there anyway to disable DMA of spi2 in MQX 4.0.1. Please let me know your valuable thoughts.