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How to set up the Low Power Timer LPTMR

Question asked by Benno Jung on Jul 14, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 15, 2014 by Jozef Maslik



Im trying to set up the LPTMR module since days, but it doesnt work.

I set it up by processor expert. But it seems is not that easy...


I've done the following:

- Enabled the LPTMR clock in the CPU module (CCM_CCRG2 -> CG0[1:0)

- Set up the LPTMR module:



When i start debugging, the counter value of the LPTMR is always 0. What is wrong?

I set the clock 'FIRC' to the clock output pin CK01, the clock runs. So i think the LPTMR_CNR should be upcounting?

I read also the counter value in the software, but there it is also always 0.

Do I have to enable something else?


thanks in advice!