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K70 Color Keying

Question asked by Anthony Marshall on Jul 14, 2014
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I am trying to use the color keying feature of the K70 LCDC without success. I am using the tower system, I can display things on the LCD (our own) without any issues, using the graphics window and background.


What I have is a graphics window of 100 lines with a group of red lines in the middle, from my understanding if I enable color keying correctly these red lines should become transparent... is this correct? If so then below is the code I am using to enable color keying:


//  set LCD graphic window control


    LCDC_LGWCR_GWAV(0x9f)   | // alpha-transparent value (0xFF is opaque)


    LCDC_LGWCR_GWCKE_MASK   |   // Colour Keying enable

    LCDC_LGWCR_GWCKR(0x3f)  |     // Red colour keying

    LCDC_LGWCR_GWCKG(0)     |



If anybody has used color keying successfully I would appreciate any help or ideas as to why mine doesn't. Apologies if I have missed any information that may help.


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