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Custom U-boot splash image not being displayed on i.MX6Q sabreauto reference board

Question asked by Bhaumik Vasav Bhatt Employee on Jul 11, 2014

As suggested on the community posts, I went ahead to follow the steps in section 5.4 for u-boot_mx6x.pdf.


I have not been able to succeed with it. In that document, it says, "Modify the makefile to add COBJS-$(CONFIG_VIDEO_MX5)     += fsl_bmp_400x600.o


But since this board is MX6 series, I modified the line to use CONFIG_VIDEO_IPUV3, but it always gets stuck on this debug message: "Video: Drawing the logo ..."


I used and I even compared with the i.MX5 which had all such files.


I'm on U-boot 2013.04. 3.10.17 - GA release. I am not using ltib, I only make mx6qsabreauto_config and make.


I am facing this exact problem, which after debug, I am still not able to solve:


This is to test LVDS outs using U-boot. Please help.