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flash programming of the DEMO908GZ60

Discussion created by Erwin Nuessler on Sep 5, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2007 by Ake Webjorn
i am fighting with the flash programming of the DEMO908GZ60.
I am using CW3.1 with the HC908GZ60 Patch.
I carefully read all the messages concerning DEMO908GZ60 Flash programming in the 8 Bit Processors forum.
I followed the instructions of the DEMO908GZ60 Quick start Guide, double-cross checking the settings for serial connection, making sure the COM Port matches the setting and connected. My Volt Meter shows a perfect 9V Level on the terminal power block.
I checked the IGNORE box.
I followed the instructions on the screen and i clicked the YES button.
I cycled the power as requested, shorting the terminal power block to ensure less than 0.1Volts, but then instead of programming the flash, the program tells me: "Device responds properly, but ROM is secured: error 35"
I understand very well that with a secured ROM it is not possible to flash the device but how can i unsecure it?

Please help