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SRDS_PRTCL Picklist in the PBL component of QCS v3.0.5 doesn't match ref manual

Question asked by Brian Ross on Jul 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2014 by Iulia Diaconescu

I am using the P3041 and have updated to QCS v3.0.5 from v3.0.4 and it appears that the SRDS_PRTCL graphical field in the PBL component no longer matches the reference manual.  See the inset from the reference manual and then the inset from the QCS tool as it is presented to me with v3.0.5.  For instance, I need to select option 0x0B and there is no 0x0B option present in the QCS nor is there any configuration in the graphical pane that matches configuration 0x0B from the reference manual.  This used to match in v3.0.4 that I had prior.  Any help would be appreciated.