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Put a u-boot in flash memory

Question asked by Alexandre Delove on Jul 10, 2014



I am trying to put a u-boot on the flash memory. I downloaded one named "u-boot.nitrogen6q" it was supposed to be a good one.I found this method to put it in the flash:

mmc dev 1

mmc read 0x10800000 0 800

sf probe

sf erase 0 0x40000

sf write 0x10800000 0 0x40000

then it should be in the flash, however, it's not and when i reboot the sabrelite, the u-boot didn't lauch and if i put a sd card with android in it, nothing happened.

Is it the method i use which is bad, did i forgot something or is it the u-boot?


If you have a good link to help me to put android on the card, it would be helpful.