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IMX6Q Sabreauto board: No sound listened after recording audio from microphone

Question asked by jianhua xu on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by jianhua xu

Hi, all

Sorry, I'm newer to FSL board, some problem might seems easy, but i am still confused. now, we have a imx6q sabreauto reference board installed with Android 4.3. i have done such operation, but found there is no sound output:

1) open "Sound Recorder" apk

2) plug in microphone in J26-1 (mics-in), connected to CS42888 AIN3+/AIN3-

3) start to record and speak toward to microphone for a moment.

4) stop record and play the record file, but I cannot hear any sound output ( however, i can hear audio if playing the music in SD card).


Analog signale waveform can be masured input to CS42888 AIN3+/AIN3- with oscilloscope, if speak more loundly toward microphone, the waveform will be changed, it seems microphone works well.

Could somebody kindly help me? many many thx ^^