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Issue while debugging with Optimizer OFF

Question asked by Kunal Panchamia on Jul 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2014 by Carlos_Musich




Code runs from Ext RAM

TraceLink & Multilink


When I turn optimizer ON ( =1), code runs alright.

If it is turned OFF ( = 0), code compiles properly & even the debugger session is invoked. But as soon as I do a "step over" at __init_registers in __thumb_startup, it shows "No source available". "Step into" does work but only for few instructions.


Also at this time, in the memory view, all the values are reset to 0x00. (Maybe - DDR connection broken somehow???)


I started a session with Tracelink too, but the trace logs aren't too helpful.

Stack & Heap are sufficiently big.


Any clues or suggestions?





- Seems like a watchdog reset from RCM register

- Have tried disabling watchdog  from TCL file, inside __init_registers and __init_hardware. But no success. It still does a WDT reset