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I2C slave on PT60

Question asked by hugo sampaio on Jul 8, 2014

Hi community,


I'm trying to code a simple I2C slave driver for PT60 and I've been facing tons of issues. First, my scenario:


CW 10.5 and  twr-s08dc-pt60

I'm using processor expert, there are 2 high level beans: I2C and watchdog.


My code is just a loop feeding the dog, I2C uses interrupts/events to send and receive data.

The testing tool is a wandboard and I2C-dev tools (i2cdetect and i2cget).




- I can't debug it. If I let it run, I cannot pause. If is pauses, it reaches some unknown position in memory or just loses communication


- Breakpoints aren't working either, they occurs in a odd pattern.


- I'm not sure about the meaning of I2C clock and hold time that are shown on processor expert. Are those the maximum or minimum values?



Any tips/guides/advices/questions are welcome.