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MPC5516 VLE is not working in WinIDEA

Question asked by Santanu Panja on Sep 3, 2007
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2008 by Tehn Yit Chin
I am using WinIDEA to debug my code on MPC5516EVB. Though the compiler generates the VLE code for my application I'm not able to test it. The start up code itself is not working for me. In the debugger initialization file i'm using the following steps
// Setup TLB3 (RAM) for VLE)
S "SPR":smileysad:270) L 0x10030000 // MAS0 configured for TLB3
S "SPR":smileysad:271) L 0xC0000400 // MAS1 (256K area)
S "SPR":smileysad:272) L 0x00000020 // MAS2 (Cache inhibit, VLE)
S "SPR":smileysad:273) L 0x4000003F // MAS3
I 7C0007A4 // tlbwe
But still its not working.
If anybody has already worked on it please gimme ur suggestions.