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Clock signal detector on KE02Z

Question asked by CitRam on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2014 by Adrian Cano

Hi All!

I try to make the clock signal detector on KE02Z. External clock signal is connected to KE02Z. I have not decided exactly what use for this, SPI or FTM and or something else.


Seemingly simple task . If there is external clock signal, on some KE02Z pin must be = 0. If no external clock signal, must be  = 1. But problem is, Clock signla may be from 50kHz to 4MHz, and clock word may be from 1 clock period to 18. Timeout between clock word from 15us to 50us. Clock signal idle state is 1.

While I think may be possible to do it with SPI Slave. SPI Slave has receiver full flag (SPRF). If read SPRF flag , can to determine, there is external clock or no. But what next? If SPI slave will get 4 clock periods? SPRF will in expectation for next 4 period (if it wait for 8 bit)


Maybe someone has already done something similar or have any ideas how to do it.


Best regards