Mark Butcher

FRDM-KE02Z supported in new uTasker V1.4.7 Release

Discussion created by Mark Butcher on Jul 7, 2014

Hi All


The uTasker project has been extended to support the Kinetis KE (5V, robust) family!


This means that the FRDM-KE02Z is included as a target supporting the accelerometer, PWM and FAT on SD card attached via SPI, plus much more. The serial loader and uTasker application can be built for it with Codewarrior, KDS, IAR, Keil, Rowley, CooCox IDE, Atollic or standalone GCC as well as VisualStuio for simulation - below is a screen shot of the board running in the uTasker Kinetis simulator:


The same code now operates across the KE, KL and K range, allowing a single project code to be moved between the KE, KL and K families, from the KE02 up to the K70 with USB and Ethernet stacks (limited only by memory and peripheral capabilities) thanks to the single HAL (hardware application layer).


To make it easier for new KE users the uTasker V1.4.7 project is configured to work out of the box with the FRDM-KE02Z and CodeWarrior. With just 4 project/compiler settings [family and board defines, plus m0+/m4 and linker script setting] the same project can be configured to run on any other supported Freescale board with KE, KL and K.

Full code (including boot loaders and application, with project setups for all IDEs/compiler) is available at KINETIS Project Code