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WARNING: The file XXX is more recent than the corresponding absolute file.

Question asked by Carl Norman on Sep 3, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2007 by CrasyCat
This is probably simple, but I cannot understand how to fix this error when going to simulate. This message comes up in a dialog box when trying to load the simulator

"WARNING: The file c:\XXX\main.c is more recent than the corresponding absolute file.
Please recompile and link this source file before trying to debug.
Select OK to bla bla bla"

This code was works in the processor, but will not simulate.

I have tried deleting all object files, making a new project and copying the files accross, changing to new and old start up code/files... I dont really understand exactly what it means by "recompile and link this source", all i do is click make and it automatically comiles and links... (which makes me think the solution will be very simple, and probably obvious)

Codewarrior V6.0
Code was orgainally written in V5.7

Edit; I just realised that if i click ok, the same error comes up with each of the files it access, but, it actually simulates normally... Will need to still fix it due to the time it takes for each of the 15 odd WARNING's


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