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Can Kinetis K and KL parts that have unallocated non-core NVIC entries be used for SW service requests?

Question asked by nurichard on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2015 by Angel Genchev



I am looking at the NVIC table for a KL16 part which lists 3 Non-Core vectors as having no source module (IRQ 4, 24 and 29).

It would be highly desirable for me to be able to have code running in a non-interrupt context to be able to set these vectors as pending to be able to trigger an interrupt vector hanging off them as a way to temporarily switch execution into an interrupt context.

This is similar to what you might do with a Supervisor / System call mechanism if you had an OS (except my use case is not as complex)


Can anyone tell me if the ARM core of all Kinetis parts has the entire vector table implemented and active (according to the list in it's reference manual to be used as above) or do some parts not have any implementation for those vectors?

Whilst I can obviously check this for a specific revision for a particular part I happen to have; I want to know what happens across the range so I can decide if the above should be considered or if only the Supervisor vector (ARM core vector #11) is safe to use (requiring a more typical OS like implentation)


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