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TWR-MCF5441x + TWR-PROTO + Secondary Elevator ?= NAND flash Prolbems

Question asked by Steve Janisch on Jul 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2014 by Steve Janisch

I was wondering if anyone else has encountered NAND access problems when using a TWR-PROTO board in a TWR-MCF5441x system.


What I am experiencing is that if I put a TWR-PROTO board (even a blank prototype board) in the tower AND connect the secondary side elevator I can have problems with NAND.  This might include the bootloader not working (not properly loading and launching), MQX functions reporting bad NAND blocks, and/or checksum errors on stored images.


Interestingly, if I remove the secondary side elevator from the system, the NAND access is flawless.  In fact if I plug the TWR-MCF5441x and TWR-SER2 into the secondary and just bypass TWR-PROTO it also works.


It seems to be the combination of having the TWR-PROTO board in place AND connecting the secondary side elevator that cause the NAND flash problems.


But that sounds crazy, doesn't it?